Train monitoring by infrared video technology with an OCR reading software for a non-discriminatory video detection of dangerous goods wagon and accurate data analysis for condition-based maintenance of individual cars as the basis for a wagon accurate noise emission measurement.


Video recognition of the 12-digit UIC wagon numbers and special vehicle characters

MOVIE stands for video monitoring of trains in nearly all weather conditions. The task is to identify dangerous goods and wagon accurate data. In combination with our monitorin systems MONI and LASCAa® individual and accurate reporting on the quality and noise emission are possible. No passing train goes undetected and not analyzed. This is the basis for noise-related track access charges. Monitoring at its best.


Special features:

  • Character reading up to 160 km / h
  • Weather independent and tested
  • IR illumination, no fault of the driver
  • No disturbance of passengers
  • System working independently of daylight
  • Data rate is 320 MB / s
  • Compatible with MONI and LASCAa®
  • Vehicle detection regardless of vehicle color

Daylight Filter and cameras that are extremely sensitive in the infrared range, ensure consistent contrast levels at day and night without mechanical components, thus guaranteeing a secure reading in almost all weather conditions.

Low risk of default and low maintenance intervals.

Optional: Detection of wagon-specific data and information.

The system reliably reads the various arrangements of the UIC car numbers and C-blocks marking whether the wagon has a bright color with dark or dark in color with bright text.

The system offers the use of an IR illumination, a high level of security, since it does not come to an aperture of train leader or harassment of passengers, the system operates independently of daylight and thus occurs without adversely affecting the character reading at night.

With our current system character readings are possible up to a maximum speed of 160km / h.

Excellent value for money ratio.

Non-discriminatory condition-based maintenance of individual vehicles as a basis for wagon accurate noise emission measurement.


Technical Information


Camera GigE Vision

2560x2048 Pixel (5,2 Megapixel)
max. 29 per sec.
Data rate
320 MB/s
Weatherproof, heated. Protection class IP54


High-resolution lens with 35mm focal length and an f-number of 3.5. Magnification ratio 1: 12.05.

LED flash lighting for traffic control:

Wave lenght
Electrical connection
230 V (AC) / 50-60 Hz, track 5 V, 12 V, 24 V (VC)
Opening angle
Also designed for outdoor use with IP66.