Wayside Train Monitoring Systems

Roundness, flat spots and spalling affect safety against derailment, the running quality, wear and comfort of locomotives and wagons and their noise emission. For railway wheels is also expected by eccentricities with increased dynamic forces in the wheel-rail contact. The wheels and their wear are therefore to be controled carefully. INNOtec Systems measure, monitors, analyze and evaluate traffic and determine the exact wheel and cause-specific noise emissions.

Our systems provide solutions to the following problems:

Laser-assisted, certified monotoring system for monitoring the actual traffic to 400km / h.
Noise monitoring, air -and-borne noise detection and monitoring of the actual traffic.
Identification of railway wagons with optical number recognition as the basis for a wagon accurate noise emission.

Workshop Equipment

Wheel and axle loads affect the safety against derailment, the running quality, the risk of swerving and wear behavior of locomotives and wagons. After an overhaul, upgrade or repair of the wagons or bogies are to be expected with changed wheel weights. The setting dimensions and the wheel and axle loads including the total weight are, therefore, to be controled carefully.

Our systems are tested according to DIN EN ISO 7500-1 as force measuring systems from an by the EBA accredited and approved office. They are designed so that each individual wheel and axle weight of the bogie can be identified and documented according to the UIC V610, DIN 27201-5 and DBAG regulations (DS 991).

Mobile measurement system for determining the wheel contact, axle, bogie and vehicle weights of rail vehicles.

IT, communications
and surveillance solutions

The market dynamics, new technologies and rising operating costs are driving changes in the IT landscape. In order to adapt to the rapid growth of data and systems over 90% of European companies now change major parts of their IT environment.

The leap to a new technology, but more often it is business-driven changes in business processes, making the transformations of IT, communications and surveillance applications in rail transport necessary.

In industrial environments the IT devices are exposed to much harsher conditions than in typical office environments. The devices must often withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, dirt or corrosive materials as well have an immunity to EMI / RFI interference from motors and other machines.

In this section you will find a selection of our monitoring systems proven and reliable IT, communications and surveillance solutions that are specifically designed for use in harsh railway environment.